Amazon Assistant Virus

About Amazon Assistant aa.hta

Amazon Assistant aa.hta is basically a malware that is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) or adware, which generates online revenue by tricking you. The Amazon Assistant virus sneaks up on you via fake updates, freeware, spam email attachments, corrupted links, etc.

This shows up as pop-ups and commercial ads while you are browsing online. It tricks you into believing that it is a legitimate shopping assistant offering you great offers, special discounts, deals, etc. However, in reality, it is an unwanted program that not only compromises your system security but also your privacy.


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Is This Virus From Amazon?

No.  The Amazon Assistant Virus or Amazon Assistant Malware is not created by Amazon.  The virus uses the Amazon name and style to appear as legitimate as possible.

If you need to simply uninstall your legitimate Amazon Assistant software, please visit Amazon and follow their guide:  How to uninstall the Amazon Assistant, Browser Bar, and Amazon Web Search.


Sources of Amazon Assistant aa.hta

The Amazon Search Assistant Virus infects your computer via different platforms:

  • Shareware
  • Downloaded with third-party free software
  • Using infected media
  • Email attachments, etc.


Amazon Assistant Malware

How the Amazon Search Assistant Virus Works

Once the Amazon Assistant aa.hta gets into your computer, it bombards your screen with a whole load of useless ads making browsing extremely cumbersome. It causes your Internet to slow down and destroys the entire browsing session.

The Amazon Assistant virus ads lead you to unidentified pages that you don’t wish to visit. These pages usually have many products and services being advertised by third party sellers. Many times, these ads are linked to malicious phishing websites that contain malware. Even accidentally clicking on any advertisement can cause your system to get the malware including serious problems like ransomware.

When the Amazon Assistant aa.hta gains access to your computer, it plants tracking cookies into your system that tracks every online move of yours and collects information about you. The virus also adds toolbars and extensions on your browser that spy on all your online activities.

The information that is collected by the aa hta virus is transmitted to the developers, who then use it for advertising campaigns. The ads are usually very good looking and look completely genuine and are usually based on your browsing habits. The ads displayed generates revenue for the developers, as every click on these ads generate a profit for the developers by the pay-per-click method or means of affiliate marketing.

Your bank and financial details may also be compromised when all the information about you is collected, thereby risking your privacy and making you extremely vulnerable to online robbery or identity theft.

The Amazon Assistant malware also may send alerts to you claiming that your “computer is at risk” while promoting anti-virus applications to get rid of all the threats to your system. The adware will prompt you to install the program on your computer. Beware of such messages! These are just ways and means to cheat you and make money. You will be asked to buy the software or transfer money to use the tool. And once you do so and install the software onto your computer, you will only be causing additional harm.


Amazon Assistant Removal

Symptoms of Amazon Assistant aa.hta Virus Attack

The symptoms that show that your computer has been attacked by the Amazon Assistant aa hta virus are:

Online Errors

  • Getting unwanted ads, pop-ups and junk notifications that hamper your working
  • Default browser setting, homepage and new tab page settings get corrupted
  • Keeps redirecting you to the malicious domain (websites with 404 error) every time, while browsing
  • Blocked from accessing domains related to security
  • Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error that freezes your computer completely and your screen turns blue
  • Computer completely crashes
  • Does not allow you to login your account due to change in Javascripts
  • Deactivates your antivirus software
  • Affects normal Internet browsing, browser freezes and crashes completely
  • Restricts performance of various tasks
  • Does not allow you to use external devices such as flash drives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • Appearance of strange extensions and toolbars that increase browsing time
  • Does not allow you to send messages, mails, etc.


Offline Errors

  • Strange icons installed on the desktop, taskbar and system tray
  • Unwanted programs installed in your PC appearing on the program list
  • Several files in your favorites list not added by you
  • Computer not functioning properly, programs crashing
  • High RAM and CPU usage even if you’re not using the computer
  • Drive files modified and moved to another drive volume automatically
  • Legitimate files automatically deleted from the system
  • Upside down PC display
  • Wallpaper changed automatically
  • Taskbar disappearing or task manager not opening
  • Computer takes long time to boot and keeps restarting


Amazon Assistant Uninstall

How to Save Your Computer from Amazon Assistant aa.hta

The Amazon Assistant virus creates junk data in your hard drive. An attack by the Amazon Assistant malware can create a backdoor in your system, which makes it vulnerable to more malware attacks like trojans, keyloggers, worms, rootkits, etc. It is a good idea to be alert when you’re browsing online. Avoid visiting suspicious websites. Take care when you are sharing files with others and be careful when clicking on sponsored ads and hyperlinks. Also, ensure that you have a proper anti-malware software installed on your system. All these steps and paying a little more attention to what you’re doing can go a long way in helping you stay safe from the Amazon Assistant aa.hta virus.

Be aware of the tools and updates you install on your computer. Read the terms and conditions and privacy policy thoroughly. Also, while installing any software, select the custom or advanced installation process that allows you to deselect any suspicious files, additional unwanted software or attachments. The key is to be vigilant at all times.

Before Removing Amazon Assistant Malware

  1. Before performing any actions regarding the removal of the Amazon Assistant Malware, make sure that you have a backup of all vital information before doing this.  Please see our disclaimer about changes to your computer.
  2. Why have a reliable back up?  As with any virus, your computer may lose some data in the process. The techniques below, if done incorrectly, can result in unexpected problems and you may need to restore your computer from your backup.

Also, keep in mind that when resetting your browser your passwords, windows, open tabs, browsing history, web auto-fill information and cookies may be lost. This includes your browser themes and extensions may be cleared and your settings will be reset to installation default.


Amazon Assistant aa.hta

Removing the Amazon Assistant Virus

In the case that your computer is affected by the Amazon Assistant aa.hta, don’t panic, there are methods by which you can remove the malware from your computer, by using manual removal techniques or by using a professional anti-malware program.

The Amazon Assistant virus can be removed by using a manual process, but this may be quite complex and you need to have technical expertise. Regardless, it is vital to get rid of the Amazon Assistant aa.hta virus from your system, before it causes a lot of harm.


Remove the Amazon Assistant aa-hta virus

From your Windows PC

We will now discuss the ways you can remove the Amazon Assistant aa hta virus.

  • Manual Method
  • Removing from Firefox
  • Removal from Chrome
  • Removal from Internet Explorer
  • Removal of the Amazon Assistant aa.hta from your Mac


Manual Method

You can remove the Amazon Assistant virus by going through the following steps:


Step 1: End all malicious processes using the Windows Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to launch the Task Manager.
  • Select the program that you think is suspicious and click the End button to stop the process.


Step 2: Uninstall the Amazon Assistant aa.hta and any other malicious programs from the Control Panel

  • Press Windows + R to launch the Run box.
  • Type Control Panel and then press the OK button.
  • In the Control Panel, select the “Uninstall a program” option.
  • Search for all the relevant and related files and delete them permanently by clicking on Uninstall.


Step 3: Delete all amazon assist. virus registry entries that are related to Amazon Assistant aa.hta

  • Click Window + R keys to launch the Run box
  • Type “regedit” to open the Windows registry and search for entries associated with the Amazon Assistant virus and delete them
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Wpm
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\[Virus Name]
    • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\msseces.exe
    • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\AppID\<random>.exe
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main “Default_Page_URL”


Step 4: Terminate all the suspicious extensions and add-ons associated with Amazon Assistant aa.hta

Removal of Amazon Assistant aa.hta from FireFox

  • In Firefox, click the menu button and then select Add-ons.
  • In the Add-ons Manager tab, select Appearance or Extensions panel.
  • Delete all suspicious extensions.
  • Click on the Remove or Disable button.
  • Restart your computer.


Search Assistant Virus


Removal of Amazon Assistant aa.hta from Chrome

  • On the browser toolbar, click on Chrome and select the Tools option.
  • Select the Extensions option and delete the infected files.
  • Click on the Confirmation box on the display screen.
  • Click on Remove to remove the extension from chrome.


Removal of Amazon Assistant aa.hta from Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to the Tools option.
  • Choose the Manage Add-ons option.
  • Select all the suspicious Add-ons and delete them.
  • Click on Remove or Disable button to end the process.


Mac Amazon Assistant Removal

Removal of Amazon Assistant Virus from Your Mac

If your Mac has been infected by the Amazon Assistant aa.hta virus, the best option is to use MacKeeper, which is a powerful utility software that can be used to remove the virus. You can use the MacKeeper to keep your computer clean and safe from threats of all types of malware.


Below are the steps to remove Amazon Assistant aa.hta using MacKeeper:

  • Download MacKeeper (Side note, this is the original, legitimate MacKeeper, not the fake virus, for concerns, read here.)
  • Go to the Find and Fix option to check the current status of the Mac.
  • Click on Fix Items that will eliminate all the infected files.
  • The MacKeeper software comes with other potentially useful applications that enhance the functioning of your Mac such as File Recovery, File Finder, Internet Security, Anti-Theft, Disk Usage, etc.
  • It’s recommend to also run a Mac virus scanning program to find any other issues.


Shopping Assistant Uninstaller

Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe

Here are some tips that can keep your computer safe from attacks of malware such as Amazon Assistant aa.hta and other viruses:

  • Scan any external device or USB before you access it.
  • While browsing the Internet, avoid installing any unknown extensions, toolbars, plugins, add-ons, etc.
  • Always use an anti-malware software that offers the facility of real-time protection.
  • Never open email attachments from unknown sources.
  • Perform regular and complete scans of your computer system.
  • Use strong passwords to prevent your computer from being hacked.
  • Disable auto-run functions for downloaded files.
  • Block auto-updates from the network.
  • Avoid connecting your computer to unsecured open source networks such as open Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Use a hardware-based firewall to protect your system against virus attacks.
  • Use ad-blocker software and extensions to enable you to surf the Internet without getting junk notifications and unwanted ads.
  • Avoid visiting suspicious websites and do not download any information from these sites onto your computer.


With newer types of viruses and malware looming every day and threatening to shut down your computer, it is essential to be vigilant and careful at all times. Malware like Amazon Assistant aa.hta can be quite devastating in terms of not only shutting down your computer completely, it may also result in more serious issues like identity theft, online robbery that causes financial losses, etc. So, installing anti-malware on your computer, keeping it updated and following safe Internet practices can go a long way in keeping you and your computer system safe.

I Have a Virus – What Should I Do Next?

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