A simple to use, economical backup solution that includes the hardware and software for a “one purchase backup solution”.

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a Western Digital My Passport Ultra Drive locally or from an online vendor.
    Manufacturer’s direct link: https://www.wdc.com/products/portable-storage/my-passport-ultra-new.html
  2. Plug the external hard drive into your computer with the included USB cable.
  3. Install WD Backup. Open up “My Computer” or “My PC”, find and click the new WD drive, and double-click the “WD Apps Setup” file that appears.
    Alternatively, you can download “WD Backup” from here: http://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=232&lang=en#WD_downloads and unzip the file into a folder that double click the .exe file to install. It works like a charm.
  4. After installation, double click the “WD Backup” icon that appears on your desktop.
  5. Follow the instructions that come with your drive to create a backup of your important files.

The WD Backup software can perform backups on a schedule, however, we recommend after a successful backup, to disconnect your USB drive and only reconnect the drive when another backup is done.  This is done to maximize the safety of your files from encryption viruses.

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A backup may take just a few minutes or several hours to finish depending on how many files you have.

Roger Whittaker