Gone are the days that anti-virus alone provides enough protection for you and your important files such as pictures, databases, documents, videos and more.

Modern viruses will steal sensitive information (known as spyware), extort money by holding your files ransom (known as ransomware), force advertising on your computer (known as adware), or secretly use your computer to spread email spam or child pornography (known as a zombie computer).

Today, modern protection requires a bigger picture than simply viruses.

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Why do we recommend Emsisoft? Emsisoft can detect both malware and viruses in one software solution.  It uses a dual-engine, meaning it combines two scanners, one for virus prevention and one for malware prevention.

Anti-Virus Protection

Virus detection and prevention is performed by partnering with BitDefender.  Combining BitDefender and Emsisoft together into one software, has a positive result of lowering memory requirements, resource consumption and allowing the two companies to focus on what they each do best.

Anti-Malware Protection

Emsisoft world-class anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-trojan fights to protect your computer with surf protection, real-time file guard, behavior blocker (the ultimate defense) and superior detection and efficient removal.

Emsisoft Anti Malware

Get the protection you need for your pictures, databases, documents, and get the the peace of mind you deserve.  We know the trusted settings. Visit our Emsisoft Anti Malware Anti-Virus Protection Setup Page to find out more.

Roger Whittaker