Stephen Oakes, Special Agent assigned to the FBI Louisville Division’s Cyber Squad, presented at a recent information technology meeting attended by local IT professionals. Oakes has worked for the FBI for 11 years with experience investigating cyber threats such as malware, botnets, hosting, skimming and the underground economy.

Oakes presented on the topics he’s had great experience with, including malware and ransomware:
FBI Ransomware Presentation  FBI Malware Presentation Picture 2

Of interest were other topics that included credit and debit card skimming and insider threat sophistication levels:
FBI presentation credit debit card skimming FBI presentation about insider threat sophistication levels

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Attending the event included the president of Virus Repair Now, Roger Whittaker. Whittaker indicated, “It was another great IT meeting and the presentation made by Special Agent Oakes was professional and much appreciated.”

Roger Whittaker

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